Coming to Major VR Headsets in 2023

Save your favourite sushi restaurant from going out of business in upcoming narrative adventure

April 14th, 2022 – Big Brane Studios is delighted to announce their upcoming title Sushi Ben, coming to all major VR headsets. More details will be revealed in the coming months.Sushi Ben is a narrative adventure game where you have to save your favorite Sushi restaurant from going out of business by convincing the local town’s folk to eat there with you. However, not everyone will be easily convinced to come and dine with you! You’ll need to complete various tasks and help townspeople out of predicaments in order to earn their trust. Different narrative encounters will take place depending on your interactions with the game’s NPCs.The game uses 3D manga panels as a unique narrative device and features an anime inspired art style. After its initial reveal, Sushi Ben was nominated for two awards at the 2021 Raindance Immersive awards.There will be more Sushi Ben updates in the coming months so be sure to follow Sushi Ben on Twitter to be first in line to find out the latest updates.

About Big Brane Studios
Big Brane Studios, Inc. ( is an international, fully-remote VR studio, co-founded by Kane Tyler and Brian Edward Hicks. Thanks to the guidance and support of their executive producers at SMG Studio, Big Brane was able to secure the funding and partnerships necessary to bring Sushi Ben to fruition. Sushi Ben was nominated for 'Best Immersive Game' and 'Best Debut' at Raindance Immersive 2021.

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